b'MS Focus ActivitiesA more restful nights sleep Rosalyn G., of Greensboro, N.C., needed a new mattress topper to help her have a restful night of sleep. I do not sleep well due to the mattress on my bed. I think having a mattress topper will give me a better nights sleep and a brighter tomorrow. I would really appreciate the service. I really need this item. Thank you. A better workstationRichard C., from N.J., received a rolling laptop workshop and desk cart. A rolling laptop workstation will help me tremendously as I can no longer sit at a desk and mostly use a recliner chair for working. Cleaner carpets Lisa L., of Kronenwetter, Wis., requested a robot vacuum and mop. The vacuum and mop combo would help me have a brighter tomorrow by helping with the cleaning so I have more energy to do other chores in the house, and spend with family. This would make my life a lot easier. Inspection ready Delores H., of Roanoke, Va., asked for four new tires, which she needed to pass her car inspection. My inspection for my car was due in February 2023. I have discovered, as of today, that I need four tires to pass inspection. I have arthritis in my hips as well as multiple sclerosis, so it makes it very difficult to walk distances. Thank you for your consideration. A safer driverNicole D., of Suncity, Fla., requested a new set of tires for her car. She requested the two new front tires for her vehicle because hers were bald and unsafe to drive with. COOLING VESTS YOU WANT Applications for the Brighter Tomorrow GrantTO WEAR.are accepted from June 1 to Sept. 1 of each year. For further information on the Brighter Tomorrow Grant, call our Program Services department at 888-MSFOCUS (673-6287), contact us by email at support@msfocus.org, or visit our website atMSF cooling program suppliermsfocus.org/Brighter-Tomorrow-Grant.aspx. 855-232-7233msfocusmagazine.org 26'