b'Life with MSSSeellffKKiinnddnneessssBy Heather and Dizzy the DonkeyAfter being diagnosed with multiple sclerosissignicant effect on everything I did. Even nearly ten years ago, being kind to myself isleaving the house seemed terrifying. However, something I have struggled with. Its so easy tohavingcompassionformyselfhelpedme compare ourselves to others, and social mediacope with daily life stressors while also feeling does not help. It especially didnt when I rsthappier with who I am.set out on my MS journey.Luckily, I have found lots of easy ways to I constantly saw others striving towards theirincorporate being kind to myself, including career goals and having amazing adventurescreating time to relax (I love snuggling on the when all I could do was sleep, stagger to thecouch with a big blanket and a book), giving TV, and feel sorry for myself. myself recognition for my achievements, and However, soon into my MS journey, I gaineddoing the little things that make me happy. a close companion in my knitted donkey, Dizzy,It helps me imagine that I am talking to who is named after my scariest initial symptommyself as I would to my best friend when I do (vertigo) and is a very wise donkey. Althoughthis. I know I am doing the best I can. It might she is constantly promoting self-kindness (see,not be as much as some others are doing, but she is very wise), and my initial symptoms havethats okay. Were all going through different since settled down, I still nd the limitationsthings in life.hard to accept. Sometimes, it can make meMS (with a little help from Dizzy) has shown sad and frustrated, but also as if Im not beingme that being kind to ourselves is essential good enough, which has sometimes causedfor everyone, especially those living with a me to do more than I should. chronic illness. We must remember that we With MS, my body only lets me push myselfare all unique, and life would be boring if we so far. Otherwise, I end up in a dizzy, wobbly,were all the same. We should celebrate being sleepy mess (whilst usually cuddling Dizzy). Butour individual, wonderful, quirky selves, and Ive learned that if I show more compassion toliving with the difficulties of MS only makes myself and take things slower, it makes my MSus even more magnicent. a lot happier and, therefore, more manageable. ToolleeaarrnnmmoorreeaabboouuttHHeeaatthheerraannddDDiizzzzyy,,Kindness is essential for my physical healthTand makes a massive difference to my mentalvviissiitttthheeiirrbblloogg,,DDiinnoossaauurrss,,DDoonnkkeeyyss,,aannddhealth. MMSSaattddiinnoossaauurrssddoonnkkeeyyssaannddmmssccoommA couple of years after my diagnosis, I wasFFoolllloowwtthheemmoonnIInnssttaaggrraammaannddTTwwiitttteerralso diagnosed with anxiety, and it had a@@ddiizzzzyytthheeddoonnkkeeyymsfocusmagazine.org 28'