b'IMS and Mobility 6 There are many ways to approach walking issues. What is Occupational Therapy? 8NAddressing the activities of daily living.Adapting for Success 10 To maintain an exercise routine, adaptations may need to be made. 12Harnessing the Power of ExerciseTransforming lives for people with multiple sclerosis.TMaintaining Healthy Movement16with the Help of TechnologyHFeatures, systems, and devices are key to choosing18wearable tness monitor. Exercise One Step at a TimeDance can be a powerful tool for symptom management.IListening to Your Body 19Recognizing the importance of resting. SBrighter Tomorrow Grant Winners 24 Making tomorrow brighter for many.Empowering Lives:36The MS Focus Health and Wellness ProgramOffering individuals affected by MS the opportunity to engage Iin adaptive exercise and alternative therapies.38Movement Issues and MSThe disease presents a variety of common disorders.SSpotlight 34 My Story 28 Our Focus 30MS Focused 40 STakeaways 31Giving Back 43 Upcoming Programs 31Ask the MS Nurse 44 Empowered 32Doctors Notes 46UGGiivviinnggiinntthheePPaallmmooffYYoouurrHHaannddMS Focus makes giving as easy as E sending a text message.Text MSFocus to 501553 msfocusmagazine.org'