b"All health and wellness classes are led bythese activities contribute to symptom qualiedinstructors,ensuringasafeandmanagement, pain relief, and emotional supportive environment. These free classeswell-being. The sense of community fostered are accessible to individuals seeking holisticthroughparticipationintheseclasses approaches to symptom management, painenhances the overall quality of life for relief, and overall health improvement.individuals and their families UnderstandingthatinterestlevelsmayThe MS Focus Health and Wellness Program vary across locations, the program extends itsis a testament to MS Focus' commitment to reach to individuals through full or partialempowering individuals affected by MS. By funding. In areas where classes may not beoffering a diverse array of free classes nationwide feasible because of limited interest, individualsand funding individual participation through can apply for support to engage in activities atfunding support, the program exemplies local gyms, tness facilities, and wellness centers. This initiative ensures that personalized wellnessinclusivity and adaptability. Through qualied plans are accessible to everyone, irrespectiveinstructors and a focus on holistic well-being, of geographical constraints.thisprogrambecomesalifelineforthose The Health and Wellness Program isnavigating the challenges of MS, providing designed to positively affect the lives ofavenuesforpersonalgrowth,community individuals with MS. Beyond physical tness,building, and improved overall health. Susan Chiakas - Like-minded MS groups like for one: David Lyons MS Fit Challenge and GYMMultiple Sclerosis/Chronic Conditions/Aging FITNESS. Positive mindset, daily exercise, and What helps you stay active? nutrition. So many working together and supporting each other of all abilitiesfrom bodybuilders to wheelchair users. All MSers getting it done every Tony Scalise - My Dogs.day.Davidhimselfisabodybuilderwhowas Rita Mcclary - Family and sheer power to keep goingtaken down by MS and developed an incredible as much as I possibly can. Somedays I cant evenprogram to combat the physical disability of MS. leave my house. But the days I can, I wear myself out.Check it out.Robin Spiniolas - My granddaughter Joanie Mac Fhlannchaidh - Fear of losing it if I dontChristine Varghese - Toddlersthey won't let me use it. The thought of having to work back fromsit down. deconditioning is enough to get me up.Linda Stukenberg - I have two young dogs that Mary Ellen Smolinski - Working On Wellnessstill want to get out of the house and explore and Foundation - seated exercises live with friends fourplay at the park. days a week. See workingonwellnessfoundation.orgKathy Dunn - Forcing myself to go to the gym for more.three times a week because I don't want to Mia Alta - Virtual races.waste the money I spend on it each month. Darrell Buchanan - Work doing DIY projects Steve N Heather Fullington - My kids.and going on hikes.37 msfocusmagazine.org"