b'MS Focus ActivitiesMS FocusedReserve your NMSEAM 2024 booklets MS Warriors: Battling Autoimmunity is the theme for the upcoming National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month (NMSEAM) in March 2024. The upcoming theme includes tools and skills to stay connected to yourself, your health, and your community while looking ahead to whats coming next in the world of MS. The immune system is a complicated source of trouble for people with MS. It is why everyones symptoms are different and it leads us to ask questions about how something so vital to our survival can turn on us. This years National Multiple Sclerosis Education and Awareness Month theme highlights the various issues that lie at the intersection of our disease and the very thing that was meant to ght disease.Booklets will be available that contain information to help people with MS, as well as information that can be shared with others in the community. Subscribers to this magazine will receive their copy automatically. To order additional copies of the booklet, call our support line at 888-673-6287 or order online at msfocus.org and we will be sure to send it to you. Get informed and be empowered by participating in MS Warriors: Battling Autoimmunity in 2024. Program helps you keep your cool When they become overheated, many people with MS experience worsened symptoms, such as weakness, fatigue, and visual disturbances. Keeping your body cool provides the opportunity to spend time outdoors during the warmer months and can help you once again enjoy a range of activities such as barbeques and baseball games. MS Focus Cooling Program offers a variety of free itemsincluding bandanas, neckties, hats, wristbands, and two types of cooling veststo help you relieve heat-induced symptoms and maintain your active lifestyle. Applications are accepted from Feb. 1 to June 1. See the application on the following page or apply online at msfocus.org. msfocusmagazine.org 40'