b'obtaining it through Mark Cubans Cost Plus online site costplusdrugs.com for less than $15 a month, or ask your doctor to write a script for 4-AP at a formulating pharmacy for a similar price. These options are generally not coveredCOOLING YOU CAN by insurance. 4-AP was a medication thatACTUALLY FEELwas prescribed for MS fatigue for years prior tothediscoverythatindividualstakingit started to notice they were walking better,3+ HOURSwhich led to the development of Ampyra.OF COOLINGDear MS Nurse, COOLING PACK I hear that many people with MS have troublePLACEMENT with heat but when the weather changes inALONG THE the fall and gets colder, I seem to sleep all theSPINE time and have no energy until it gets warmerLIGHTWEIGHT in the spring. Any suggestions?Amy H. Binns: Temperature sensitivity is experiencedCONCEALABLEby most people living with MS. Heat intolerance is a bit more difficult to manage than coldQUICK sensitivity and is more prevalent so there isRECHARGEmore conversation about the heat than theWORKS IN cold. Fortunately, with cold sensitivity, layeringHUMIDITYand clothing options tend to be quite effective. Wool socks or those with wicking propertiesCOOLING tend to keep feet warmer than other socks andACCESSORIES keeping feet (and the head) warm tends toAVAILABLEhelp us manage these symptoms. Dont hesitate to start your day wearing undershirts, overshirtsPOLAR OFFERS SOLUTIONS or turtlenecks, and sweaters or a sweatshirt,FOR COOLING EVERY BODY! and removing a layer if you feel too warm. Long underwear, tights, or leggings under yourOther manufacturers may claim their single, slacks also add a layer of comfort for thoseunpatented cooling technology is the best who are sensitive to the cold. Exercising on afor all environments and situaons, but Polar daily basis (purposeful activity) can also helpis the only manufacturer worldwide oering with the fatigue you mention. The Consortiumevery major type of personal body cooling of MS Centers adopted a recommendation fortechnology! We can oer the most eecve soluon for your individual needs.150 minutes of exercise or activity each week for individuals living with MS. This level ofSee our complete product line atactivity has been shown to minimize fatigue,polarproducts.com.|800.763.8423prevent falls, and improve mood. If you have a question for the MS Nurse, PROUD SUPPLIER FOR THEemail msnurse@msfocus.org.MS FOCUS COOLING PROGRAM45 msfocusmagazine.org'