b'adolescents up to professional athletesand BWSTT is it can be used for those with mildfound to be safe and eective. A systematic to more severe MS, but it does need to bereview examined the safety and benets of performed under the direct supervision of a PT.HIIT in MS and found it to not only be safe and Aerobic and resistance training for painwell-tolerated, but could help improve physical reduction: Many persons with MS suer fromtness for those with mild, nonprogressive pain,whichcanbeextremelydebilitatingMS. What is unique about this exercise mode andonlyworsenotherMS-relatedissues,isit can avoid the onset of debilitating fatigue such as walking and fatigue. Waiting for paindespite the high intensity because periods of to go away on its own with rest or medicationwork are interspersed with periods of rest alone is not always the best strategy. Pain is aand recovery. Many patients with MS have product of your nervous system and MS candiculty exercising continuously because of directly aect that part of your nervous system.fatigue, but in HIIT you are doing short bursts A systematic review examined several dierentof activity with rest breaks, allowing fatigue studies that looked at aerobic exercise andto be more easily controlled. resistance training in MS, all with dierentBody weight supported treadmill training: examples for what device to use and howThis is a type of walking practice where you hard to exercise. However, regardless of whatare suspended from a harness over a moving was used, the reported pain levels went down.treadmill. The harness serves two purposes: First, The take-home message is movement canit decreases your body weight while walking, helpchange yournervoussystemforthetherefore making walking less fatiguing and better, and therefore reduce your reported pain.allowing a greater amount of walking to be done. As we hope we have shown in this briefSecond, the harness protects you from falling, article, exercise is extremely important forso you are not limited by fear. Diculty or persons with MS for several reasons. It notdecreased walking ability is extremely common only can make you move better but feel better.in persons with MS. An important rehabilitation There are lots of ways you can incorporategoal is to practice what is dicult in order to exercise into your regular routine, and dierentimprove ones ability to perform that activity. exercises that you can perform with your PT. The saying practice makes perfect applies.For walking, that means practicing walking One of the most important messages PTswill help improve your walking. One way to can pass along to our patients is you shouldovercome the diculties of walking for those nd an activity or exercise you like, and stickwho fatigue easily or require an assistive device with it. If you like what you do, you are muchto walk is to wear a harness that supports your more likely to continue it and make lifestylebody and prevents you from falling, while changes. Whether it is HIIT, increasing yourat the same time practicing walking on the walking, or using weights, some form oftreadmill. This is a popular exercise that PTs exercise is always better than no exercise.use that has evidence supporting improving Just make sure to speak to a PT trained inwalking capacity, fatigue, independence in working with persons with MS before startingactivities of daily living, and overall quality of anewexerciseprogramtohelpgetyoulifeforpersons withMS. Anadvantageto started and make sure you stay safe.13 msfocusmagazine.org'