b'Life with MSCCoonnssiiddeerriinnggYYoouurrEEnnddooffLLiiffeeDDooccuummeennttssWills, trusts and powers of attorneyrequire thought, discussionBy Kara SkorupaYou have multiple sclerosis. You are being makers death. Trusts are similar to wills intreated by a neurologist. You are learning about structure, but trusts take eect immediately,your limitations. You are guring out if you can and are not necessarily dependent upon thestill keep working. You are educating yourself makers death. In a trust, a person takes legalabout the disease. You are making real progress. title to a property for the benet of another;And yet,theressomething youmayhave thepersonwhohaslegaltitleiscalledaoverlooked because, quite frankly, it is not trustee and the person for whose benet thepleasant to think about: What would happen property is held is called a beneciary. It isto you if you were incapacitated? What will not unusual for an individual to have both ahappen to your family when you die? How do trustandawill;howeverbecauseofveryyou know that your wishes will be respected? state-specic requirements, it is advisable toTestamentary and nontestamentary documents seek legal counsel prior to executing either provide these answers. The reality is that Nontestamentaryprecisely because of your diagnosis, thesedocuments are even more important. Planning Nontestamentarydocumentsareoftennow for these future events should be part of executed in conjunction with making a willeveryones MS journey.and/or trust, but independently, they areFirst things first. What are testamentary incrediblyimportantforthoselivingwithand non-testamentary documents? chronic illnesses. These types of documentsrequire less formalities in their execution,Testamentary and include a living will, durable power ofTestamentary documents refer to wills and attorney, healthcare surrogate, and anatomicaltrusts. Generally, a will (often called a last will donations.Everycompetentadulthastheand testament) is a legal document which right to make decisions about their body andexplains a persons nal wishes regarding how medical treatment; these advance directivesassets are to be divided and among whom; are a great way to express what your wishesevery state has different rules as to what are, in the event of incapacitation. requirements must be met in order for a will A living will is precisely what the nameto be valid, but all wills take eect upon the impliesitisadocumentthatoutlinesmsfocusmagazine.org 24'