b'educational programs. Because of her drive gettingpeoplesomething;itsaboutbeingand attention to detail, she was asked to assist there for them. But Marcia doesnt just hearwithhotelandairlinereservationsfor them out and move on to the next task. I callemployees,andresearchinglocationsfor peoplebackallthetime,justtocheckonprograms. Marcia enjoyed the opportunity to them, making sure theyre okay, and makingmeetinperson withclientsshedassisted sure their needs were met. over the phone. Talking to people, listening There are clients that made a mark on Marciato them, becoming a friend to someone who during her time in the Assistive Technologyneeds a friend, despite the fact that its someone department. Brenda, in Ohio, still calls to wishwhom Ive never met beforethat meant a lot her happy holidays, or just to see how shesto me. Seeing them in person deepened her doing, never failing to say that she loves herappreciation for what face-to-face support can to death.do. So when a position came open that would There is Thomas, in Florida, who has dicultyallow her to promote the benefits of these speakingandisveryhardtounderstand.social bonds, Marcia applied. Since Marcia began working with him a fewOn March 2, Marcia was promoted to years ago, he called only her, because sheSupportGroupsProgramcoordinator,a seemed to be the only one who understood him.position overseeing the support groups team. Thomas mother thanked Marcia for being soShe took charge of assisting a total of 195 patient, saying she tried to get her son tocurrentlyactivesupportgroupsunderthe advocate for himself, but most people wouldntFoundations National Support Group Network. take the time. Under normal circumstances, Marcia and AnotheronethatstoodoutinMarciasher team would provide monthly yers for group memory was Jules, in Atlanta. After receivingmeetings, as well as give ideas and support an electric wheelchair, a portion of which wasforthosemeetings.DuringtheCOVID-19 paid by MS Focus, Jules specically came tomonths, Marcias team remain active, sending an event that was held in Atlanta to show itout a weekly newsletter via email to support to Marcia and to thank her. group leaders, who in turn would forward the There are Sue and her daughter, Rachaelinformation to their members. Her team also in Bualo, N.Y. They both have MS. Marciastarted a group called MS Focus Independent still talks to Sue as if they are buddies. BeingSupport Group Leaders Network on Facebook. from Bualo has also connected Marcia withMarcia has urged group leaders to hold virtual them, because she is a western N.Y. native.meetings and has been a speaker at severalof them, telling the members about all the Whenasked whatMSFocushasgivenprograms and services available through her, Marcia replied, Before my brain surgery,MS Focus.I told my pastor that if I made it, I would giveMarcia said she is always amazed to nd back. That was May 1996, and in July 1998, Isomeone who had no idea there was help started giving back when I became a fosteravailable to them. This is why she doesnt just parent. I eventually adopted three special needsask why they called. She listens to whats brothers. After coming to MS Focus, I beganimportant to them. She takes time to nd out to feel like I was giving back again, actuallyabout them personally, to discern their needs, helping people. I feel that I had passion forand the things their MS community needs. my job in Assistive Technology, and now IMany of them just want to talk, share, laugh, have found it in Support Groups. I love givingor vent their frustrations. Its not just about back and I will continue to do so.29 msfocusmagazine.org'