b"I What is Integrative Medicine and Why Does it Matter? 10An IM provider is a strong addition to your healthcare team.What is New in Exercise Research? 12N How you can benet now. 14Online Tools Useful for Navigating CAMUsing technology to research complementary and alternative medicine.Adaptive Sports 16Any sport can be adjusted to your circumstances.T Music Therapy has the Power to Help 18Therapists use many techniques to improve quality of life.Five Proven CAM Treatments for MS Symptoms20H Things you can do for yourself to help with your symptoms. 22Traditional and Complementary Medicine:Working TogetherI Exploring alternative perspectives can be key to overall health. 24 Considering Your End-of-Life DocumentsWills, trusts, and powers of attorney require thought and discussion.S The Role of Children's Literature in Understanding, 34Accepting, and Adjusting to a Parents' DiagnosisHelping children make sense of parents diagnosis.What is the Science Saying aboutI Lifestyle Changes and MS? 37Nutrition, exercise, and sleep take center stage at CMSC meeting.Pregnancy and Breastfeeding with MS 40 S More useful information from the CMSC.44Thankful for the Health & Wellness Program MS Focus Emergency Assistance Grant 45S Does Insurance Cover CAM? 50Caregivers Night Out Application 55U My Story 48Our Focus 6Read. Watch. Listen. 7 MS Focused 51E Inbox8 Doctors Notes 52Giving Back 27 RX Update 56Spotlight 28 Fatigue-Free Foodie 58Takeaways 42Empowered 46 Play on Words 593 msfocusmagazine.org"