b"Medicine and ResearchThheeRRoolleeooff MS Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation,Tpresents: CChhiillddrreenn''ssLLiitteerraattuurreei nUUnnddeerrssttaannddiinngg,,inAAcccceeppttiinngg,,aannddAAddjjuussttiinnggt oaaPPaarreennttss''DDiiaaggnnoossiissto By Darbi Haynes-Lawrence and Niah SoultDr. Darbi Haynes-Lawrence, Ph.D. & Niah Soult In 2014, a colleague and I conducted a study with MS on ways to best meet their needs inwhere we discovered an emotional plea from explaining the varied information about MSparents with multiple sclerosis for assistance to their children. This was done through ain explaining the disease to their children. From survey of this book. We surveyed the familiesthe knowledge gleaned from that study, we recommendations about this book to developcreated a childrens book called A Conversation future books about families and MS.about Multiple Sclerosis. This book assists The questions in the survey revolvedparents who have MS in explaining the disease around the book, including the languageto their children in developmentally appropriate used (e.g. was it easy to understand), theand humorous ways. Our book was written for illustrations, and general thoughts about thechildren between the ages of 7 to 12.(For a 7 to book. Having a better understanding of what9-year-old, we recommend reading with the works and what does not work for parentschild. For a 10 to 12-year-old, the book can be while they are locating educational materialsread independently, with opportunities for the by which to explain such a dicult disease ischild to ask questions.)There is also a parent key to future designs of educational childrensresource section in the back of the book. MS books. Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation The role reading has in teaching childrengraciously publishes this book for free to about emotions, health, and life experiencesanyone who would like a copy. The book is is well known. For some of you reading thisnow found in multiple countries, has been article, you may have MS, or know someonetranslated to Spanish, and is available online who has MS, and might be struggling withas a read-along online book.explaining it to young children. That was aAfter writing the book, we developed a study goal of our book; to assist parents and lovedthat revolves around parents' perceptions of ones in explaining MS to young children. Wethe children's book. The goal of this study was have long known that reading to and with ourto gather information from parents living children has amazing outcomes; it increasesmsfocusmagazine.org 34"