b'Medicine and Researchthat is recommended across the board for MRI and PET scan evidence of disease actuallypeople with MS. All other nutrients should be improving with some of these interventions.gotten from fresh food sources. As much as Those improvements correlated with people75-90 percent of all supplements taken by reporting they felt better and it was easier tomouth are not able to be absorbed and may do their daily tasks. putanadditionalnancialstrainonthe Perhaps the greatest link in physical declinehousehold needlessly. and MRI changes was smoking. Across theExxeerrcciissee board, it limited activity and people felt worseERegarding exercise, for the rst time this and left the work force earlier if they wereyear, we have standardized recommendations smokers. Those who stopped smoking foundfor lifestyle activity and exercise. The National an improvement of their disease course andMS Society and the CMSC adopted guidelines rate of progression.set in Canada last year recommending at least LLiivviinnggPPrrooooff30 minutes of aerobic (raises heart rate) activity As a person living with MS, I found out manytwo times a week and at least 30 minutes of of these lifestyle changes on my own beforestrength training activity two times a week. any of them were strongly recommended byThose two components with other daily activity our heathcare teams. I have always hatedshouldadduptoatleast150minutesof exercise but have come to a sense of peacefulphysical activity in a week. This can include coexistence with it and was able to leave behindhousework, gardening, and hobbies that get my scooter and canes as muscle tone andus out of our chairs and moving.endurance improved. As I became more t,There is a subset of guidelines for those who my MRI improved and lesions quieted and,are not ambulatory. It was recommended that in some cases, disappeared. people with MS consult with a rehabilitation I found out there were certain foods I didspecialist to develop a personal exercise plan, not tolerate well. My contacts goop up and Itaking into account what the individual enjoys needtocleanthemfrequentlywhenIeatdoing so they are more likely to stick with a glutens (that is me, not MS. I have a familyplan. That plan needs to be revisited periodically historyofirritableboweldisease).Glutensand changed as needed. Also, we were told also really seem to slow my gut and makepeople who were not meeting this level of elimination harder. Dairy for me causes realactivity should start low and go slow to attain gastro-intestinal distress so I have done awaythese levels over time. with most dairy. Sugar increases pain andO really messes with my sleep so it is no longerOtthheerrFFaaccttoorrssIn addition to nutrition and exercise, we a part of my diet. heard about how sleep quality and duration I progressed fairly rapidly from workingimprove quality of life, and how mindfulness and walking to a cane and scooter throughtechniques, yoga, and cognitive behavioral my 40s. Now in my 60s, I do not use anytherapy can improve mood and quality of life ambulatory aids and feel better than I have inin people with MS. There were studies many years. I attribute that to getting on andpresented that showed a direct correlation on staying on a disease-modifying therapy thatmsfocusmagazine.org 38'