b' Modanil (Provigil) and antibiotics decrease It does not appear that the method ofthe eectiveness of oral contraceptives so delivery(vaginalorC-section)hasanywhen taking these medications additional negative eect on the health of mother orbirth control measures need to be taken to baby or on the eect of MS on the mothersprevent conception until such time as the health. Anesthesia is also not contraindicatedcouple plans to start a family. during labor and delivery.F In short, a couple should start the discussionFeerrttiilliittyyaannddRReellaappssee Assisted fertilization or IVF has been shown of family planning, pregnancy, and lactationto provoke a higher relapse rate in women with members of their healthcare team wellwith MS who are trying to conceive. This is in advance of getting pregnant if MS is in theespecially true if the rst cycle of this does picture. Lifestyle changes that aect pregnancynot result in pregnancy. The more attempts in women with MS include diet, smoking, levelat IVF, the greater the risk of relapse.of physical activity, and stress. By addressing There is no evidence that MS decreases a these areas prior to conception, the MS canwomansfertilitybutmenmayshowa bebettermanagedandpregnancycanbelower or slower sperm count so, if unable to healthier and happier.initially conceive, these factors may need tobe addressed. Libido or sexual drive may be diminishedin both men and women with MS.If a woman has a relapse during pregnancy,it seems to be a predictor of more activedisease and a higher likelihood of relapsesoon after delivery.More than 40 percent of women with MS Premium Zipper Snap Hookhave a relapse four to six months afterdelivery unless they are exclusively breast-feeding. Exclusive breast feeding means no Condensation Mesh Pocket Easy Glide Webbing & Slidersupplementation with formula or solid foodfor at least six months. The longer a woman 30 Inch Adjustable Straps (Qty:2) Shoulder Pads/Chair Protectors Multi-Wear D Ringsnurses her baby, the greater chance a relapsewill be avoided or the time to a rst postpartumrelapse delayed.Relapses during pregnancy are generallyless frequent than when not pregnant,especially during the last trimester whenhormone levels are at their peak. In fact,most women report they feel best, as far astheir MS is concerned, when they are pregnant.41 msfocusmagazine.org'