b'MS Focus ActivitiesThankful for theHealth and Wellness ProgramOne womans experience with the MS Focus serviceMy name is Sandhya Friday. you know that are battling MS, we not only haveI was diagnosed with multiple all the physical setbacks but we also have asclerosis in 2004, when I was huge nancial burden that comes with theonly 24 years old. I lost my territory. I was so excited! I did my researchvision in my right eye due online and called to speak to someone.to optic neuritis, which led to Everyone was very helpful and informative. MRIs and spinal tap to conrm I took advantage of their Health andmy diagnosis. My day-to-day WellnessProgramtoincorporateintomychallengeswithMSvary new lifestyle. They have so much to oer butdepending on the weather and this is what my top priority was at the time. Imy stress levels. I experience the usual wanted to participate in yoga classes to helpbalance loss, fatigue and various other with my stress level, and also my balancesymptoms associated with this disease.issues. The process was very easy. I lled outI currently live with my beautiful family the necessary paperwork and got an okayin North Carolina. My husband and I were from my doctor to practice yoga. Once every-fortunate enough to adopt a beautiful baby thing was approved, the Foundation movedboy to complete our family. He is 2 years old very quickly to get the yoga studio paid forand full of energy. This was a big change and the classes that I needed. challenge for me to try to provide and be a I participated in restorative, slow ow andgood mother to him. I started to look at life yin yoga. I was also able to practice meditationdierently and understand that I needed to at the studio. These classes made a hugebe more proactive with my overall health and impact on my overall health by providing mebattling my MS. I started with small changes the balance and energy to be able to function.with diet and exercise and adapted to my I was able to relax and focus on the morenew lifestyle. important things in my life, like my family. II am currently on Gilenya for my treatment also have more flexibility with the help offor multiple sclerosis and have been for over yoga. I am very thankful for MS Focus: thetwo years. They oer the Gilenya Go Program, Multiple Sclerosis Foundation and look forwardwhich is to oer assistance to those taking to using them in the future. People andthis medication. They informed me about foundations like this one make dealing withMS Focus: the Multiple Sclerosis Foundation MS a little easier. Everyone living with MSand how much they have to oer. As those of would agree.msfocusmagazine.org 44'