b"E meerrggeennccyyEmAAssssiissttaanncceeGGrraannttByKimani HendricksThe COVID-19 pandemic forced the world that provide a positive response. We workto slow down, bringing most man-made plans together with the clients and our fellow non-to a screeching halt. Nonessential businesses prots, so hard work gets done on both ends.closed, and everyone was instructed to stay MSFocuscollaborateswithseveralindoors. While some could work from home, organizations, including the National MSothers weren't as fortunate, and found themselves Society, the Salvation Army, United Way, andfacing challenges that were unimaginable just Catholic Charities, to cover an applicantsweeks before. If nothing else, this situation outstanding charges.should remind us all that we do not knowwhat may be around the bend. Anyone can Britney of Alpharetta, Ga.,nd themselves in a nancial crisis. found relief after getting stuckWith this knowledge in mind, MS Focus between a rock and a hardoers the Emergency Assistance Grant. This place. I was able to locateone-time-only service is available to individuals this wonderful program bywho nd themselves in danger of eviction and researching online for supportneed money for rent, or those at risk for losing servicesforpeople witha utility, such as water, electricity, heating oil, and multiple sclerosis. It was myphone services. It may also cover emergency rst time receiving help from MS Focus, andlodging or disaster relief.I requested rental assistance during the currentAn applicant must explain why they fell COVID-19 pandemic. I am grateful to be abehind and how the bill will be paid going recipient of the Emergency Assistance Grantforward. From there, the committee determines from MS Focus. Their support reduced myhow they can help. In some cases, a client's need nancial strain and eliminated stress. Thankexceeds the limits of the program. But that you for your assistance during a difficultdoesnt mean the Foundation cant help. Sherrol period of my life! Patterson, associate director of Homecare and If you are living with MS and nd yourselfPatient Assistance Programs for MS Focus, in a nancial crisis, you can apply for ourwalks us through that process. If the bill is more Emergency AssistanceGrantonlineatsubstantial than our budget, my team and I msfocus.org. If your application is approved,look for other resources. We email the client theEmergency Assistanceteam will worka list of local organizations that may be able side-by-side with you to nd the funds toto assist them, and then coordinate with any meet your needs.45 msfocusmagazine.org"