b"Life with MSFFiinnddiinnggMMyyWWaayyWWiitthhYYooggaaBy Sarah PilcherSomewhere,somehowweexistbefore with Dr. Ramona Davis at the University ofbirth, and it takes this life to nd our purpose. Arkansas for Medical Science, who found aSubconsciously, we know who we are and lesion behind my right eye that Fridaywhat we're supposed to be. When my mother afternoon. By Tuesday, my mother checkedwas pregnant with me, she practiced prenatal me into a hospital where I received my rstyoga. Eventually, it would be a system I, myself, MRI and CT Scan.follow. How did I nd my way? Amid my overnight stay, I awoke to have toTen years ago, I attended a birthday and use the restroom. My parents were sleepingslumberpartyformygyminstructor's nearby, but I did not want to wake them. Indaughter at the Embassy Hotel. We treated the interim, I fell three times, having lost mythegirlstoamini-spaday,consistingof abilitytowalkagain.Mydadrosetothepools, hot tubs, and saunas. It was great fun. sound of me crying; he proceeded to scoopBut the next day, I had trouble walking; my me in his arms and take me to the bathroom.legs shook uncontrollably. My sinuses started The following day, I had a spinal tap andto are, and my vision was unclear. I didn't came face-to-face with an MRI image ofknow it at the time, but this was my rst bout three lesions on my brain. My ocial date ofwith MS symptoms. Concerned, I left the diagnosis was July 21, 2010. hotel and returned home to my parents. The Since day one, my parents have been myproblems with my vision seemed to progress. strength.TheyencouragedmetohanginFor the next week, I wore sunglasses day and there and believe that I would walk again.nightbecausenaturalandarticiallight Meanwhile, they bought me a walker. In total,bothered my eyes. Jokingly, my mom began my hospital stay lasted about a month. Two-referring to me as 'The Blues Sister.' During and-a-half of those weeks, I was on Prednisonethis time, I also lost my sense of taste. and began physical therapy. In the last week-Eventually, my mom convinced me to get and-a-half, I was learning to use a walker andan eye examination. I made an appointment shower chair, and underwent cognitive testing.msfocusmagazine.org 48"