b"Although I was happy with my progress, I techniques and restorative postures go a longlonged to stand and walk on my own again. I way. They also cool the body and calm thewas young, and I missed that freedom. So, I nervous system. This branch of yoga has donedecided to practice meditation and unrolled wonders for my students and me. ayogamat.IlearnedtofocusonwhatI Someofusdealwithadailybattleofwanted for myself, as opposed to what I didn't numbness in the arms and legs, muscle spasms,want.Yogaisacombinationofphysical, and loss of coordination. Yoga emphasizesmental, and emotional elements that improved stretching and breathing, which can releasemy overall well-being. It's more than looking tension and improve circulation and bodygreat on the outside; the question is, what are awareness. It also facilitates harmony betweenwe doing to ensure internal wellness?the muscular and nervous systems, resultingI reached my goal and more. I now teach in uid movement and relief from muscleyoga and have designed classes specic to tension and mental frustration. It's similar topeople that live with MS. Hatha yoga addresses ghting, where MS is our opponent. We mayheat intolerance, fatigue, loss of coordination, be unable to control it, but it doesn't have tocontrol us. My message to people with MS isexibility,balance,andnumbnessofthe to stay positive and nd ways to keep moving.limbs. To counter these limitations, breathing Don't be still. Be active.49 msfocusmagazine.org"