b'While taking the recommended daily globally where the rules regulating productallowance of vitamins generally do not pose integrity are not clearly dened by the governingsignicant risks, it is best to avoid high doses agencies. Unlicensed products can potentiallyof vitamin A, vitamin C, beta-carotene and introduce harmful toxins to consumers withoutzinc in patients with MS, as they can stimulate proper guidance and recommendation fromthe immune system. Recent data has suggested their doctor or pharmacist. vitamin D, ginkgo biloba, and biotin may provide Cannabis Productsthe Latest Trendpotential benets, but drug interactions, proper The modern buzz about cannabis products,dosage, and eect on disease progression are including the use of CBD oil as a supplement,important considerations to discuss with the has created great interest in patients with MS.doctor before self-starting. Evidence suggests Cannabis can provide many benets to patients,that generally a low-fat diet with omega-3 fatty but important precautions, such as notifyingacids (sh oil) probably does not help lessen MS providers, should be taken to avoidMS relapses, and the same holds true for a dangerous side eects. Cannabis, just like anyhigh fat diet (ketogenic diet).other medical product, has drug interactions thatThe availability of supplements has can cause harm under certain circumstances.expanded in the past decade, partly because A majority of the cannabis products and dosageof instant shopping websites such as Amazon. forms sold on the web and over-the-counterIt is important to note that all CAM is not are marketed without quality assurance andcreated equally and not all manufacturers often contain no medicinal ingredients. Thefollow good manufacturing practices. Because best principle is to use your MS providers asmany of these therapies are not regulated resourcestondtheappropriatedosagethe same way the traditional over-the-counter form and product from a trusted source to getproducts, amounts of active ingredients can vary the best outcome. In short, when it comes totremendously from batch to batch. In addition, your body and your health, it is better to bemany of these products are manufactured safe than sorry. Five Principles Every Person with MS Should Know:1. Have an open and resourceful relationship with your doctor about all medications youtake (conventional and unconventional). 2. Recognize alternative medications that can up-regulate the immune system and avoidtheir use. 3. Realize that information you read (in print or on the internet) may or may not be correct. 4. Anything that has a positive eect on the body can also have a negative eect on the body.5. Just because an alternative medicine has scientic evidence to back up its claims does not meanthat controlled clinical trials have proven its proper use, dosage, and contraindications.Nikesh Patel, Pharm.D. Candidate, University of Georgia College of Pharmacy Ellen Whipple, Pharm.D.57 msfocusmagazine.org'