b'The Importanceof Stress ReliefAlan R. SegaloExecutive DirectorThese are dark days. There are protests in techniques you can practice at home or inthe streets, a pandemic threatens our lives, your community. (See Megan Weigels articlemany businesses and families teeter on the on page 10 to learn why an integrative ap-brink of nancial ruin, and people seem more proach is benecial.) We will provide you withdivided and angry than ever before. At times, information and resources that will enableit seems the world is spinning out of control.youtotakechargeofyourwellnessnow.Its true: none of us can control whats Choose one thing, take one step, and see howhappening around us. But we can control our it benets you. reaction to it. We can meet each challenge Speaking of benets, have you benettedwith the calm determination to decide the from the Foundations services in the past?best course of action for our own well-being Whether its something educational such asand that of our families. That includes the this magazine, or direct services such as ourchallenge of living with MS. Homecare or Emergency Assistance Program,There is a clear relationship between MS if youve beneted from what we do, wereand stress. Several studies have shown stress asking you to join our Give Me Five campaign.can influence your likelihood of a relapse. The Foundations fundraising has been hit hardAnd certainly stress drains your energy and by the economic downturn, while requests forworsens symptoms, such as fatigue and our services continue to pour in. We recognizecognitive dysfunction. Stress can also lead to thatsome of our readers are not in a positionpoor nutrition and disturbed sleepboth of to donate directly, so if you arent, we simplywhich can also negatively affect your ask that you share the campaign with otherssymptoms. Its all inter-related. and let them know what MS Focus means to you.Likewise, relaxation, good nutrition, proper Learn more about the Give Me Five campaignsleep, and healthy exercise are inter-related. on page 9. For example, if you sleep well, you will have Werealsoincludinginformationaboutmore energy and may be better equipped to planning for your future. Kara Skorupa, anhandle your food preparation, leading to better attorney with MS, discusses some must-havenutrition. In addition, taking charge of even legal documents on page 24. Our Director ofone of these areas can help you feel you have Philanthropy, Traci Shur, shares informationsome control despite the chaos going on in on planned giving on page 27.the world. So in this issue, were concentratingon integrative medicinea type of medicine Whether its your nances or your self-care,that looks at the whole person, and integrates we hope this issue motivates and empowerscomplementaryalternativemedicinewith you. Control what you can control: Your health.conventional Western medicineand CAM Your well-being. Your state of mind.msfocusmagazine.org 6'