b'eager to learn more. I didnt know anythingabout MBSR, and had never heard of JonKabat Zin or the Center for Mindfulness. I wentin as a curious skeptic, not a spiritual followerof any eastern philosophy and fairly certainthat meditation wouldnt work on me, butopen to the experience. My reason for takingclass was dierent than those of the otherDear Mr. Segalo, participants, I was a research subject. TurnsI received your contact info from Dr. out my reason was similar to theirs, I justHemond at UMASS and wanted to send a didnt know it going in. The learning of thenote of gratitude and thanks for your and the meditation practice was harder than I thoughtMultipleSclerosisFoundationsgenerous it would be, but also more fullling. As anfunding of my participation in the Mindfulness artist, I think I walk through this world fairlyBased Stress Reduction class. mindfully, but this class opened my eyes andheart and has freed some of the internalSome quick background on the path Ive tangle that had been challenging my creativity.traveled to get to this point. I was diagnosed An experience I didnt know I needed, butin 2006 with RRMS and have been fortunate am very grateful I had the opportunity tothat, outside of a dicult rst year, my battle experience.with MS has not been terribly contentious. Dr. Hemond and his team are on hold nowDespitethat,astheyearsprogressedmy as all research has halted for the time beingphysical and mental limits were tested, often because of the virus, so well do the follow upnot in ways I was completely in tune with. data collection at a later date. In the meantimePushing forward was always the order of the I continue to work the practice not because Iday, there was no time for pity or relaxation. have to but because I want to. It has been aOutside of continually adding medications to wonderful resource during these dicult andmy DMT therapy, something Im not a fan of, stressful days, I cant imagine how I wouldthere wasnt a lot of proactive intervention. feel if I hadnt completed this class. So thankFast forward to 2018 when the neurologist I you, I am grateful for your generosity.had been with since diagnosis left the clinicand I chose another. At my second visit after Be well and stay safe,addressing concerns of increased spasticity, Sincerely,she recommended physical therapy. Learn- Deb Kraching about neuroplasticity and neuro-specicexercises has been transformative. Almost a Dear Deb,year later and I am stronger and healthier Mr. Segalo shared your letter with all ofthan I have ever been. us here at MS Focus. On behalf of all ourThen, while sitting in the intake room during sta, thank you for your kind words. Weremy last clinic visit in October, I noticed a yer delighted you chose to participate in thislooking for research subjects. Ive participated research and that the results have been soin a variety of studies over the years, so I was positive for you. Your experience demonstratesmsfocusmagazine.org 8'